Saturday, November 15, 2014

Planes, xrays, and lost souls.

I had a chest xray this week.  But don't worry, I do not have any diseases, so I may depart the Philippines in one month without any issues.  This coming week is full of preparations to go home.  In a little while, I will be leaving for Manila for a day to do fingerprinting for my visa.
This week was another hard one in my area.  I have realized how blessed I have been with other successes on my mission, so now it is my time to accept a greater challenge. And that is fine with me.  Challenges are growing opportunities we receive from God.  And patience is a virtue that must be earned.
Watch this psychological experiment and learn the importance of patience:
Missionaries walk and walk and walk in the hot sun.  When we think we have walked enough, we walk more and more.  We sometimes joke that we do it because we are dieting, but the truth is that we are walking as servants of the Lord.  It takes time and effort to find those He has prepared to accept His gospel. 
As missionaries, we also spend a lot of time rescuing the once found but now lost.  These people, members of the Church who have strayed, are just as valuable as those who do not yet know the truth.  I am thankful for our opportunity to help these precious souls return to Him.  One of these souls is Cathy.  Cathy has been a member of the Church since she was a child but found the wrong friends and lost her way.  She can quote scriptures like the back of her hand and she knows every doctrine of the gospel.  She also misses the Church.  Cathy may have forgotten the Lord, but the Lord has not forgotten her.  She will come back as we outstretch our arms to her and welcome her back to His fold.  
It is crazy to think that in a month I will be on a plane to Manila, to Japan, to Atlanta, and then to Nashville.  It is all coming way too fast.  I thank you all for your continual support and prayers. The full-time missionaries, all 88,000 of us, need you.

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