Saturday, November 15, 2014

Manila and back.

This week was a busy one.  Going to the Bureau of Immigration in Manila was quite an adventure.  It is basically a big building of foreigners getting fingerprinted and getting their pictures taken.  I kept looking around and asking to myself, "Why are you here? This is the hottest place in the world and looking at how tall you are and the color of your skin, you clearly do not belong here."  Then I remembered that they were all looking at me thinking the same thing...
After I got back from Manila, Sister Shrack and I got right back to work.  We saw some small miracles this week.
-Beelee, an investigator, accepted a goal date for her baptism.  Beelee is old, lacks confidence in her ability to read and write, is caring for her paralyzed child, and extremely poor.  But overall, she knows that she has to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized.  
-The Allora family wants to become a forever family.  As we discussed with Sister Allora what she must do to help her family prepare for the temple, she was surprised that a temple sealing was still an option.  She thought that it was too late and because some of her family members had strayed, it would be impossible for them to enter the holy walls of the temple to become sealed for all time and eternity.  We told her that of course there is still hope if they are willing to work.  

The gospel is full of blessings.  All types of blessings.  There is one for everyone.  We have to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, and then the blessings will fall down from above and enter our lives when we need them the most.  I have seen just a few in the past 17 months and 1 week of my mission.  I will be home in only a few weeks and I am excited to continue to dedicate my time and efforts in building His kingdom. 

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