Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blood, sweat, and tears.

While Sister Pututau and I were talking this week, she said, "Man, we have put blood, sweat, and tears, into this area."  I responded, "Yeah, that is true."  So today I will tell you how this week alone, we put our blood, sweat, and tears into this area.
1. Blood
I stubbed my toe in the apartment.  It hurt so bad.
2. Sweat
It is hot and we were on a service mission this week.  A member had a project for school and needed a specific size box for it.  He had one day to collect the boxes and he needed 6 more.  Without telling them, we went from store to store to store hunting down this very specific sized box.  30 minutes later the mission was accomplished and many calories were burned.  
3. Tears
Missionaries cry a lot.  This work is hard and even though we always try our best, we do not always reap the rewards of our labor.  Sometimes we do see the rewards, as small they may seem.  We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators this week, Gemma.  Gemma knows what we are teaching is true because she has had many unanswered questions for many years.  She told us how has she has been praying that she will know her children in the next life and not forget who they are.  We asked her many questions like, "God gave us families as a gift for us on earth; do you think he would take it away in the next life?  Why would we have a family here on earth if we were not able to continue living with them in the future?"  Of course, she agreed that God loves us and knows us and wants us to be with our families forever.  Her prayer was answered. 

Gemma will know her children in the next life.  They will be a family for all eternity!
I will miss Sister Pututau.  She is headed off to a new area and I will continue the work here in Laoag with another good friend, Sister Shrack.  We will continue in helping others become forever families and follow Jesus Christ.  Stay tuned for our next adventures.  

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