Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frog on a leash.

It rained really hard a few times this week.  During one downpour, we were walking around and found a lady with a large frog on a string.  I am not sure how she tamed the frog and got it on a leash.  She walked that frog around like it was a dog.  You have to love the Philippines.

This week our investigator, Nanay Monette, shared with us a funny story.  Nanay is poor and old.  She cannot work anymore because she is weak and she has no money.  She often struggles to find money to buy food.  One day she had no food so she thought of a grand idea-  she would sell her old typewriter that was worth 6000 pesos when she bought it over 50 years ago.  This typewriter is big, heavy, and clunky, but nonetheless, Nanay toted it from neighbor to neighbor trying to find a buyer.  She was having no success until she found a merciful neighbor down the street.  Her neighbor kindly explained to her that they use a computer now and have no need for a typewriter.  She siad, "But  even though we will not be buying your typewriter, you may have this bread and drink."  Nanay did not accomplish the task she had set out to do, but she did find what she was looking for.  We are all grateful for the Good Samaritan that kindly gave her bread and drink to get through the day.

Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life.  Sometimes we find ourselves in need of physical nourishment, but we are always in need of the spiritual nourishment that He offers.  I am grateful for those that follow Him and help all of us to come closer to Him.


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