Friday, August 29, 2014

Um brella brella brella ay ay ay.

Rainy season has been really setting in the last few weeks but it has rained very little.  I tell my companion everyday that it is going to rain.  Then it never rains.  But this week, for the first time, I said it was going to rain and it rained.  Cats and dogs.  Or los gatos y los perros. Or mga pusa at mga aso.  Whatever language you speak, it rained.
We taught some really cool people this week in our area.  Each time we meet someone new, we quickly find out that we did not find them by accident.  There are no accidents in the plan of God. Let me introduce three special ladies:
Meet Marlene, 40+ (sells fish)
-her husband doesn't want her to change religions
-she wants to listen because she does not understand her own religion
-she flooded us with questions that she has been holding in for years
Her answer:

Meet Lovely, early 20s (many tatoos)
-released from jail last week
-her baby has been in the hospital for one month with meningitis
-her child was declared dead but later returned to consciousness
-she is looking for money and, more importantly, something more to life

Meet Kuh, 30 yrs old (loves speaking in English)
-working on fixing her broken family
-her husband works in Korea and will not come home for at least 5 more years
-loves to listen to all religions, thinks they are all good
-wants to mend a broken marriage
Her answer:

One of the greatest lessons I have learned on my mission, is whoever we teach and whatever their problems are, the gospel is the answer.  It is the easiest math problem - whatever the numbers or the calculation, the solution is always the same.

P.S. Sorry that I have no pictures this week.  The computer I am using just deleted every picture on my memory card.  I love computer shops in the third world. 

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