Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's see a doctor...

We became well acquainted with the local doctors this week in Aparri.  My companion had a series of asthma attacks which we considered extreme only until one of the elders was also admitted to the hospital...hyperventilating and seizing.  He is better now but at the moment we saw him stumbling in, we thought he was going to die.  His experience has added to my testimony of how the Lord truly looks over His servants.  Missionaries get sick, especially those of use who are foreigners, but somehow our recoveries are quicker than expected and we end up stronger than we started.

Speaking of the hospital, the Mabbun family was released this week from the hospital and are doing great.  Slowly but surely Sister Imelda is recovering from her shoulder surgery.  She is much stronger after her accident...physically because she has stainless steel in her shoulder and also spiritually because she has exercised so much faith.  We had another small miracle happen again concerning the Mabbun family this week.  Out of the blue, Sister Mabbun asked us if the church offered wheelchairs to those in need.  We told her we were not really the ones to ask but that she could ask the leaders if they knew of something available.  At the same time, we told her nothing was probably available because their family member who needs a wheelchair is not a member of the Church.  Then, yesterday we were informed by our mission that the Church has begun a new program offering medical supplies free of charge to those in need, whether member or not.  What a blessing for their family member who recently had a stroke and has no possible way of walking!
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It is easy to see miracles when you are a servant of the Lord and a member of His true church. I love this work and I love to see the blessings others receive through us as servants of God. 

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