Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister Ufagalilo.

My companion is 24 and we partied like rock stars.  Not really, because we live in the armpit of the Philippines and we are missionaries, but we did have cake!  I love her so much.
This was an all-star week, mainly because the Mabbun family was baptized.  They were prepared by the Lord, not by the missionaries, for the gospel.  I feel so blessed to have been part of their conversion.  When Brother Mabbun shared his testimony with the branch, he related how there were so many "dakes" things in their life before we met them.  "Dakes" is Ilocano for "bad" and "ugly."  He said that the gospel erased their problems and made their home a peaceful place.

It has been raining a lot here.  When we were leaving the apartment one day, it was drizzling outside. I asked my companion if she would like to walk or take a tricy, but she returned the question.  We decided to walk in the end and about 15 steps from our apartment, it poured.  It was raining oceans, we got soaked, and we taught some wet lessons.  Nothing like being soaked to the bone.  People always ask us when we are out and soaked in the rain, "Are you going home now?"  We always say, "No!  We are missionaries!"  They seen to be satisfied with that response and they get to better understand that the work of the Lord never stops.  
We have been working closely with the district president here the last few weeks.  He just "loves" my Tagalog (not true), but he insists that I sound like Chris Aquino.  I do not know who Chris Aquino is, so you better look her up and tell me if the district president is honest.  
I love you all.  Send some chocolate.  XOXOXOXO

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