Saturday, July 26, 2014

SuPeR sEnIoR.

First of all, my new companion, Sister Ufagalilo, is awesome. It is fun to serve with a Samoan.  Did you know that one of her favorite foods from Samoa is raw tilapia with watermelon.  Delicious....maybe.
This week was way awesome.  The Mabbun family is all set to be baptized next week and the area is super progressing. We are so excited that the whole family is entering into such a sacred covenant together.  The gospel has become their answers to each problem they have faced: relationship problems, infidelity, family unity.  They are the perfect proof that this gospel is made for families and that the family unit is ordained of God.  
Find out why families are such a big deal:
Something that I said, obviously inspired, hit me this week.  We were teaching an investigator about the importance of attending church weekly and how we need the spiritual recharge before we start our week. She, like almost all investigators said, "I'll try, Sisters.  I'll try to get to church this week." Boldly I replied, "Well, sister, then God will just try to bless you."  I know that only when we try to do our best, the Lord will fulfill His promises to us.  That investigator did not attend church on Sunday.  It is sad that she couldn't find the time; the Lord has blessings waiting for her.  He has blessings waiting for each of us, but we have to be the first to act.  
See what I am really talking about:
You know that you are a super senior missionary when the mission is started to make your flight plans home.  I have been so grateful to be here and I cannot believe that in a short time I will be back in the good ol' USA.  I love this work and I love the experiences I gain each day.

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