Saturday, September 6, 2014

Anna mittin? Ano ba yan? What the heck?

Well, my time in Aparri has come to a close and this week I will be transferring to the last area of my mission.  I have been called to serve as a Sister Training is like a Zone Leader for those of you who have served a mission in the past.  I am grateful to be called to serve the Lord in an additional capacity.

But just because this was my last week in Aparri does not mean it was not full of experiences. Let's review the week:
1. I got a bad sunburn.  All the Pinoys kept saying that I was blushing. "Oh, Sister Copeland, you are even blushing on your arms!"  Sorry, Filipinos, I was not was a sunburn.
2. We asked our less-active member how his daily scripture study was.  He said, "Great!"  Then he told us that he just got finished reading "The Spirit of God,"  a favorite song of his from the hymn book.  We told him that although it is great to read the hymn book, he needs to also read from the Book of Mormon each day.  
Daily scripture study?

3. We have been eating a lot of swordfish.  It is my favorite.
4.  We spent time this week locating some old investigators of the missionaries who served in our area in the past.  We found the Rabor family this week who gladly let us in to speak and share.  They were very open in explaining that although they had a desire to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they decided not to be.  Their reason?  They could not understand the missionaries.  They didn't speak their language, Illocano.  I am grateful for spiritual gifts, especially the ability to communicate in the local dialect. The Rabor family has another chance to hear and understand the fullness of the gospel.  This does not mean they will be baptized tomorrow, but at least they can partake of the blessings of knowledge of God's plan for them.  I am grateful that the Lord blesses His servants in different ways so that they can reach the people He has prepared. 
Spiritual gifts? 

I love you all!  Ayo Ayo.

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