Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You're hot and you're cold...

It has been so cold in Sanchez Mira.  I cannot really explain how painful it has been to go outside.  But then, three days ago the sun came out.  I could not really figure out what the big glowing thing in the sky was at first, but then as it's blazing rays pierced my skin, I remembered that it was the sun.  Too bad it only stayed around for 12 hours.
This week was great and we taught tons of lessons and found tons of people who are prepared to receive the gospel.  Jimmuel will be baptized next week and two new elders will arrive this week to Sanchez Mira.  The Lord is hastening His work.

A bunch of funny things also happened this week:

-I made a Tagalog mistake through text.  I was texting all of our tinuturan to remind them to go to church.  It was obviously a group message intended for many people to receive.  I wrote "mahal kita" (I love you) at the end of the text.  I should have said "mahal namin kayo" (we love you), but it was a group message so the small mistake should have not been a huge problem.  BUT IT WAS.  One of our new investigators is convinced that I am in love with him.  He has texted us many times every day telling us that he loves me too.  My bad.

- We got a new fridge and the elders who will be assigned here are getting our old one.  Poor elders.

-We gave Jimmuel a good luck mango (artfully created by my fellow Americana here in Sanchez).  Then he passed his baptismal interview.  I think he passed because he was spiritually ready, but the mango may have helped too.

Here are some questions sent to me by a friend that I am happy to publicly answer:

What language do you speak?
--Tagalog.  I can pull out a little Ilocano, too.  "Wen" means "yes" in Ilocano but is more often pronounced like "one."

 Have you gotten sick? 
--Yes.  I have been sick many times.  Violent fevers, actually.  But I am doing well now.  

What was it like to be in that big storm? 
--The big storm did not affect my area of the Philippines, but it did affect my companion who was assigned in the Tacloban mission.  She is serving here in her home mission temporarily.

How often do you get chased? 
--A few times a week.  The dogs are crazy but the drunk men are crazier.

Whats your companion's name? 
--Sister Purificacion.  Say it with a Spanish accent, but a "ch" instead of a "c."  Sometimes people call her "Sister Purification).  Does she look like a water filter?

Any weird food you have to eat? 
--Nothing that I have had to eat.  I have eaten snails, chicken intestine, balut, and dog.  That is a joke about the dog.  A lot of missionaries have accidentally eaten it though not knowing what they were being served.  Always ask before you eat.

Favorite weird food? 
--It's not that weird but I love buko.  That's coconut.  

Have you eaten chicken foot? 
--Not yet.

What's your favorite word in whatever the speak in the Philippines that you've learned? 
--"Ginagampanan" is good.  It means "role."  Also "papel" mean "role" like in Spanish but why say that when you can say "ginagampanan?"

Do you have a pet?
--Pets are not allowed for missionaries but the next door neighbor's dog has moved onto our property.  There was a full out dog fight in are front yard the other day.  Probably 7 dogs showed up.

I think that the best part of my week was a lesson we had with Irenio Sr.  We intended to teach all of the Ten Commandments to him, but we got stuck on the second.  He told us outright that "naniniwala ako sa mga revulto" (I believe in engraven images).  We taught about faith and the Restoration, but he was not satisfied.  We asked him where his faith was and we taught that Christ lives so that we should not pray to symbols of His death.  We also explained that we pray to a God in heaven, not a god in an image.  I an grateful that Christ lives.  God lives.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the living church.  Irenio Sr. will take time to believe that there is no power in engraven images, but the power is in our faith.  God commanded us to not worship engraven images himself.  The Church is true and God's commandments give us power and strength.  

Now watch this:

Mahal kita! 

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