Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Masaya laman.

This week I broke a spoon at a member's home.  It was a little bent and I tried to simply bend it back into place, but it broke in half and flew across the room.  But that was the worst thing that happened to me all week, so I am not going to complain at all.  

In other news, Jimmuel was baptized on Saturday.  It was great to see him be baptized, especially because he will be serving a mission in a year and helping others follow his example and most importantly the example of Christ.  Also, Jimmuel's mom attended his baptism.  We have been teaching Jimmuel's mom for a few weeks but she was already active in her own church and therefore would not attend Sunday services at our church.  She would always have and excuse for why she could not attend and she told us that "I can never promise that I will attend your church."  I am thankful that Jimmuel has shown a great example to his mother and that he invited his mother to his baptism.  When she was about to go home after the baptism, she took my hand and said, "Sister Copeland,  I will be going to church here tomorrow.  That is a promise."  Sister Mary Lou kept her promise and attended church.  She also told us that she will attend again next week.  The best learning occurs by example and persistence.

I am loving my mission more than ever.  One of our lessons this week was for a dentist and her daughter.  The dentist pointed out how we were like the apostles, working and teaching regardless of the weather or time of day.  Although she was not very receptive to our message, she told her daughter that she would pay for her mission. She said that she wants her daughter to become hardworking like us.  I was grateful to hear that that woman has noticed the sacrifices that we make as missionaries.  We do what it takes to bring people unto Christ.  

Amok nga ti Simbaan ni Jesucristo ket Pudpudno.  Amok nga ni Jesucristo ket sibibiag.  Ti Libro ni Mormon ket sao ti Dios.  Amok nga gapo ken Joseph Smith ne isubli ti Simbaan ti Dios.  Adda sibibiag tayo a propeta.  Ibatik dagitoy ti nagan ni Jesucristo, amen.

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