Saturday, January 25, 2014

All Time Highs

Sister Purificacion and I taught 40 lessons this week.  Missionary work is not about numbers, but we measure our effectiveness as the Lord's servants by documenting our work.  The Lord has blessed us this week.  Sister Purificacion and I are all-stars and I am thankful that I have such a dedicated companion.  All of my companions on my mission so far have been fabulous and they each have taught me so much.  I hope that Sister Purificacion and I can serve together for the months before she returns to Tacloban.
This week was also really epic because the Fillomena children were baptized.  It was a good day and I was grateful to see them enter the waters of baptism after overcoming so much.  I cannot wait until this time next year when their family will be sealed in the temple.

Here is some other news from the week:

1. I stole cigarettes...from an investigator.  We were bold when teaching about faith and repentance and them followed up on his progress in following the Word of Wisdom.  He proceeded to take out his pack of cigarettes to show that he only smoked a half pack.  I got up and snatched that pack out of his hands.  We quickly disposed of it; do not worry.

2. My birthday!  Sister Storey gave me a watch....that ended up being broken.  The sisters also surprised me with cake and we celebrated at the Fillomena home. Funny thing is that 20 feels the same as 19. 

3. We played some intense volleyball this morning at a zone activity.  Too bad some very strong missionaries kept hitting the ball over the fence into the bukid (rice field).

Thank you for all the prayers, especially for my health.  I am doing important work out here in the Philippines and I am not going to let anything distract me from my purpose.  I am also really happy; an elder in my zone asked me today, "Sister Copeland, why are you always so happy?  You are the most smiley missionary here." I love you all!

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  1. I just started reading your blog, and I love it! Are your companions names for real? Can't wait to hear who the next one will be. :)

    Brother Tovey has always said that the sister missionaries in his mission in Argentina were either fighting amongst themselves or asking for a blessing because they were sick. It's nice to see someone break his stereotype. You are an all-star! As my mom would say, keep up the good work!