Sunday, January 19, 2014

I saw a goat do a back flip.

Actually, I am not really sure about that, but I think I did.  We were on a bus from Sanchez to Laoag yesterday and I was waking up and saw the cutest little baby goat jumping around...and I think it did a back flip.
In other news, this week has been super busy.  Yesterday I traveled with Sister Incognito to Laoag so that I could pick up my new companion, Sister Purificacion.  I am sad that it is Sister Incognito's time to return with honor, but I am grateful for the 10 weeks that I was able to serve with her here.  She taught me countless lessons on how to become a better missionary and servant of the Lord. Sister Purificacion is my new companion.  She is from Laoag but is serving here in her home mission temporarily.  Her story is amazing.  She served for three weeks in Tacloban and will return there in a few months when it will be reopened.  I am grateful that we can serve together here in Sanchez.  She had the choice to not return to her mission, but she decided to finish her service to the Lord.  She is a great example to all of us.

Let's talk about the other interesting events this week.

1. This story began in December when I lost one of my name tags in Ballesteros at a zone activity.  A stranger returned it to the sister's apartment there and it was returned to me this week!  I was really sad that I lost it and it is a miracle that someone knew what is was and where the people live that wear those name tags.

2. I actually sent to Ballesteros on exchanges with Sister Gadiano.  It was super masaya doon.

3. The three Fillomena children passed their baptismal interviews.  It is a miracle how far they have all come to spiritual prepare for this important ordinance.  I cannot wait to witness their baptisms next week.

My mission is starting to get faster and faster.  Next month I will reach my half-way mark.  I am amazed at the personal growth I have undergone in the last months.  I am thankful for each day of my mission.  Sister Barrientos often tells us that "a mission is not forever."  Even though sometimes I think my mission will be forever, I know that someday it will also be my turn to return home.  I want to seize each day here on my mission.  I want to live my mission to the fullest and do every single thing I can to become the best I can be.

MaHaL KiTa!

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