Friday, February 28, 2014

Walang himala! Nasa akin ang himala!


This week was super and full of miracles (himala). We went to Allacapan for our quarterly interviews with President Barrientos.  It was good to hear that some good friends in San Nicolas have received their own mission calls and that some other mission calls are on their way (President gave me the down low on some calls that have not yet been received...lucky me!).  Congrats to Kenny for her call to Cavite; she is going to change lives.  At interviews, we also recieved training from President and his assistants.  President kept calling on Sister Purificacion and I for information on how we reach our goals and how we have so much success in our area.  Although it is nice to see that hard work pays off and that President views our area as a model for the mission, I am grateful for the Lord and his blessings.  He is the real reason that we are having success and finding those that He has prepared.
After our interviews and training on actual missionary work, Sister Barrientos gave us some real-life training on how to wash laundry, mend, and iron.  It was actually really all very funny and definitely aimed at the elders.  It was my moment to shine when I was called on to show how to properly mend pants.  Don't worry, my mother taught me well and I gained some brownie points from Sister Barrientos. 
As Sister Purificacion and I tried to apply our trainings to our area, we once again saw the hand of the Lord in our work.  We spent a whole day walking around Sanchez Mira and talking to everyone about the gospel.  Obviously, most of them were too busy to listen or just uninterested, but in the coming days, the Lord placed those He had already prepared in our path.  One example is Walter, who wants to change and give up His addictions for Jesus Christ.  He just has not know how until now.  We commited seven people to baptism this week in only two days.  I am thankful that the Lord blesses us when we are dilligent. 
I am grateful to be a member of Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Araw (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  People know what I believe; they know what the members of the true church believe.  You will rarely hear someone call out members of other faiths for acts of disobedience, but people will always say, "That person is Mormon, but I thought they didn't do that in their church." I live what I believe and I try my best to abide by all of God's commandments.  I am a witness of God at all times, in all things, and all places.  I hope that we all try to become more like Christ each day and become a little more perfect each day. 

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