Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!


We were busy this week and the baptism of Junel was awesome.  Because the weather was really cold and rainy on Saturday, the river was absolutely freezing for him and President Obispo, who baptized him.  It was sad to see them shiver in the water, but shivering is a small price to pay to be cleansed of all your sins, right?
Obviously we did not really celebrate Valentine's day this week, being missionaries, but I do have a scandalous story to share.  We were traveling to Allacapan for a meeting this week.  We took a van and when we get in, there is this giant Australian man also in the van.  He is about to marry his Filipina girlfriend and they were just touring together.  We obviously talk to him because he is white and like us.  He also happened to be fluent in English; who would have guessed?  So we arrive in Allacapan and get out of the van and the large Australian man also gets out to bid us farewell.  Then I put my hand out to give him a nice handshake and he pulls me in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek!  For those of you who do not know, missionaries only shake hands.  I was in shock and then the next second he also hugs and kisses Sister Storey. Us two are always getting in to trouble. The other sisters were lucky to have a second to prepare themselves to say "no."  We just were not that lucky.

Besides the XOXO action this week, we were busy working our hardest and speaking to everyone in our path.  We are not letting anything stop us. The work of the Lord is never easy, but if it was, we would never have the opportunity to grow.  Let's feel the love of the Lord by loving eachother.  

Love you all, Paki send some fan mail,
Sister Copeland


The neighbor's dog (who thinks he lives on our property) is dying.  It is coughing blood everywhere and weighs nothing.  We informed our neighbor and she told the other neighbors.  While we were studying and scary shirtless man stormed on our property with a rope (intending to take the dog and probably cook it for dinner), but he saw the skinny almost dead thing and ran in the other direction.

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