Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our toilet flushes!!!! (How is that for a title)

How is it going everyone!  This week has been so busy I cannot even explain.  Here is a somewhat summarized version of the past week:
1.        I got a crazy red rash on my arms and face.  I go to a members home who gives me a thousand herbal pills.  I got a blessing that night too and I am all better now. 
2.       Zone Conference was on Wednesday, hence the pictures with all of the white sisters.  It was a super legit MTC reunion.  Sister Abuel and I was hoping that they would introduce Facebook to the mission, but we are not that lucky yet.
3.       Typhoon again!  We were stuck inside practically all day watching the water creep up closer and closer to the apartment.  Luckily it did not flood, but we did have a brown out which turned into a black out after the sun went down. 
4.       We moved yesterday…finally!  To all of those who were expecting emails back earlier this week,  our P-day was moved because we spent all day moving across the city.  I like the new apartment…it is actually like two apartments.  Our toilet flushes and we have a shower….the shower only works at night though when there is water pressure.  Back to the bucket for me.  But we have all new things in our apartment and it is nice.  I have the small apartment for my new companion and I because I will be training.  The other 4 sisters live in the other apartment like two feet away.  I will send pictures next week!
5.       And I begin training tomorrow!  I sad to say goodbye to Sister Abuel but I am excited to meet my new companion, too!  I have big plans for San Nicolas 2A and my companion and I have a lot of work ahead.  We are going to accomplish great work together. 
The work in my area is going well.  Sister Abuel and I have began teaching multiple families in the past weeks.  We were especially blessed to begin teaching the Patingga and Tabios families this week.  They live together and the wives are inactive members.  They still believe in the Church and their four children will be baptized next month.  I know that it is not a coincidence that we met these people.  The Lord surely put them in our path so that they could be reminded of and receive the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hopefully we will teach their husbands too so that their families can prepare to receive the blessings from being sealed in the House of the Lord. 
I am so happy to hear from so many of you who have received mission calls this week.  A special congratulations to Kevin Moncada and Illia Wen. You guys are going to be great and you cannot even understand at this time the many ways the Lord will use use as His tool in bring forth Zion.  There is something fabulous about knowing that I am or will be serving with so many of you.  The Army of Helaman is growing so rapidly.  I am proud to be fighting on God’s side. 
Thank you for the support and prayers.  Kung walang pagkararag sa bahay, hindi pwede ako magwork dito at meron success.  

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