Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Training, Eating Bizarre Foods, and LOTS of Pictures!!!

Hello po sa lahat!

It will be hard for me to explain how busy this week has been.  Sister Abuel and I spent the last days together in training for trainers in Laoag and then we met the new missionaries later in the week.  I am sad that Sister Abuel is far away in Claveria, but I know that her and Sister Elder (yes, that is the name of her new companion, I am not lying.) are doing important work there.  

Sister Mafi is my new companion.  She is from Tonga and arrived to the field only a few days ago from the Manila MTC.  I love her and we are already working hard together here.  I feel the Spirit really strongly when we teach together and in our first lesson, we committed Jobel to baptism.  That means 5 baptisms for us in November!

Also, you will all be pleased to hear that Sister Mafi and I ate balut last night.  Sister Mafi almost vomited, but I was okay.  Members bought it for us and they just kept say, "Don't look at it!  Just eat it!"  In my opinion, if looking at a particular food makes you want to barf, I do not think you should eat the food.  But I did and I can proudly say that I will never eat balut again.  (and enjoy the hideous balut-eating pictures that are attached)

This weeks cultural section will be about Tonga.  As you have already learned, I learned to love Tongans at the MTC in Provo, but I love them even more now that I live with one.  Here are the benefits to having a Tongan companion:

1. You are not the giant one anymore.  I have to say that fitting in a trike is much harder now.  And people think that Sister Mafi is Filipina...I do not get it either...she is tall and Filipinas are tiny.
2. My companion sings and because the country of the Philippines is tone-deaf, it is refreshing to hear some good alto.
3. What's mine is yours.  She is so loving and willing to share!  She has already given me a dress and a lava-lava!
4.  Speaking of lava-lavas...I wear one around the apartment now.  2 legit 2 quit.

I am sending lots of pictures this week!  I hope you enjoy!  As always, thank you for the great support you give all the missionaries serving across the world.  I find great strength in knowing that many others are praying for me in all corners of the world.  Us missionaries are praying for you, too!

Salamat!  Ay ayaten ka!

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