Monday, June 10, 2013

Kumusta sa MTC!

Leah's district.
Her companion, Sister Foster.
Elder (Ben) Ostler
Leah's companion again.
The sisters in Leah's district.

Pictures, people!  My kasama is Sister Foster and there are pictures of us and our district.  The one in the classroom was taken after we had Sister Lovely commit to being baptized.  And you can see that I saw Elder Ostler this week! 
Before I forget, Eden Wen, Kathryn Watkins lives in your complex!  She is so awesome and she is an amazing teacher!  We are like soul sisters because she speaks Spanish too.  Also, I have seen Elder Giles like a thousand more times this week, but I think he has left the MTC now.  Also, Elder Kunz is in my zone. In other friend news, I have seen Megan Warner, Emily Lloyd, a Nieleman and Fischetti from Yorktown, NY Stake, as well as a girl who knows me from Yorktown Girls Camp.  I felt bad because I totally had no idea who she was and she knew me by my first name...maybe that is because I spent so many hours at Girls Camp standing on the tables singing those oh so hilarious songs.
Also, I am a star kickball player.  The MTC is excellent at finding your strengths and weaknesses.  My strength of the week?  Winning the game for my entire district with two home runs.  Boo ya.
Funny story of the week:  My kasama and I were having a two-on-one discussion with our teacher, Brother Langer, yesterday.  He discovered the death draft of cold air that hits my desk and only my desk.  He made the Elders switch seats with my kasama and I.  Boo ya numero dos.  Elder Kaufusi did not want to switch because his desk is next to the only shelf in our classroom, but we explained to him that the blessings he will receive from switching seats will outweigh the value of the convenient shelf. 
My kasama and I are learning so much here.  We are really focusing on improving our teaching by focusing on the needs of the investigators.  By teaching the investigators to their needs, we can give them commitments to understand how to use God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to enact the Doctrine of Christ into their lives.  I am starting to get excited about getting to the Philippines!  Our leaders at the MTC always remind us of how the people we are meant to teach are being prepared for the gospel right now.  I pray that my studying and preparation are adequate and that I can receive the divine help necessary to become a better missionary.  I am working my hardest so that I can be prepared to teach these people. 
Shout out to everyone who has sent me mail this week! I am getting so much support from everyone!
Also, the Knibbe family and Judd Knibbe are in my prayers.
Mahal kita sa luhat! 

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