Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The shout out this week goes to the one and only Ben John's because I have seen his sister almost a million times this week!  I have also spoken to Nathan Hogan, Ethan Christiansen, Jon Layne, and Caleb Karpowitz!  It is so amazing to have the opportunity to serve beside so many of my amazing friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.  Also, it is exciting that I will only be at the MTC for two more weeks!  Later this week we should all receive our flight plans to the Philippines, baby!
And an additional shout out goes to all the padres out there!  Happy Father's Day!
The funny story of the week goes to all of the sisters in my district.  Last week we made the rookie mistake of locking ourselves out of our room.  This took talent, especially considering that there are a total of six girls who forgot six keys at the same time.  Well, if that was not bad enough, we happened to do this to ourselves again this week.  Yes, we had to trek to the main building and put up with the shame of asking for a spare key for another time. 
And it seems as though history is still being made as more and more missionaries are being called to serve!  This past Tuesday has marked the first MTC devotional to be held at the BYU Marriot Center.  Last week the MTC West Campus was opened and now we are holding devotionals at the Marriot because the thousands of missionaries cannot fit anywhere else!   And no big deal, but I am pleased to announce my singing debut which is to be held next Sunday.  A special worldwide Missionary Work/ Leadership Training Broadcast will take place on the 23rd, featuring a choir with about 1,300 missionaries and an equivalent number of church members.  Oh yeah, President Monson will be there.
I hope that all is well on the home front! I am loving the mail and support that I am receiving in abundance each day.  Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a hard work, but I can already see the blessings in my life from my choice to serve.
Alam ko po na totoo Ang Aklat ni Mormon.  Alam ko po na propeta po si Jospeh Smith.  Naniniwala ko po na mapagmahal po and Diyos.  Mahalaga po ang Diyos at mahal po ako ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo.
Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Copeland

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