Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knock, knock... wala lang.

You may all be happy to hear that I died my hair so it is now one color and not four anymore.  But obviously more important things have happened this week.  This week we took a very long bus ride to Laoag.  We had a great conference with Elder Ardern and I learned many things.  Here are just a few inspirational tidbits for you:
1. Average and good are the enemies of excellence.
2. Depend on your God, not your intellect.
3. To be meek is not to be weak.
4. God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
As a missionary I feel very ordinary.  I am young. I have not even graduated college; yet, the Lord has entrusted me with the duty to help His children come unto Him.  It is hard, but the powers of heaven become very tangible when you dedicate yourself to His service.  I know that I have been given 18 months to serve the Lord.  I also have a lifetime ahead of me to reflect on how I served Him.  I am serving without regrets.  
Serving without regrets does not mean serving without disappointments.  When the Pinon family did not attend church on Sunday, Sister Bagonbon and I were very disappointed.  They had no food and decided to work so that they could feed themselves.  We are often pushed up to the wall of faith.  I know that the Pinon family will be blessed by the Lord so they will never again feel forced to give up church attendance for food.
On the other hand, the Mabbun family did come to church.  This week we also introduced to them the Word of Wisdom.  We thought they would have a hard time accepting this commandment of God.  We expected them to think it was ridiculous.  Our exceptions are the opposite of what happened and they instead thanked us for their newly gained knowledge.  The Lord softens the hearts and prepares His children to accept His gospel.  

What is this Word of Wisdom?

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