Monday, June 9, 2014


After sleeping for a few days, I am thankful to announce that I did not have dengue and that I am feeling much better.  Missions are really hard on our bodies.  We get sick a lot because we work so hard, but I know that this is just one sacrifice that I have to make.  The Lord lets us sacrifice so that we can become stronger.
A lot of funny things happened this week.  Sister Bagonbon and I were in our area a few days ago when a festival was going on.  The appointment we had cancelled on us so we had to walk a far ways to our next appointment.  Much to our surprise, a parade began just as we started down the street.  With not much time to spare and no where else to walk, we joined the neighborhood parade all the way to the next appointment.  Not many Filipinos can say that they had an American in their parade.
On another day, Sister Bagonbon and I found one of our investigators washing clothes outside.  We offered to help, but her friends around her made it clear that I am American and Americans do not wash clothes.  Well I kneeled down really fast and showed them that even though my skin is white, I can get the stains out.  They were very impressed.
Even though our week was filled of many fun moments, a lot of important things took place.  The Mabbun family accepted to be baptized.  With tears in his eyes, Brother Mabbun shared how he would see us walk by each day and just knew we had something that he needed.  He is so thankful that we approached them and are helping his family come unto Christ.  Only if they could understand how thankful we are to be a part of their lives.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about families.  I am a missionary because I want to save families.  I want them to become eternal families.  I want them to feel the love of the Lord and see the blessings he has in store for them.  
P.S. I sliced a very BYU cucumber this week.  Rise and shout!

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