Sunday, March 23, 2014

I want to ride a carabao...

 It is actually my most important life goal right now.  They are the ugliest, smelliest animals. but there are always crazy Filipino men riding them around in our area.  If my career plans in America do not work out, you may find me farming carabao here in the Philippines.
This week was full of fun surprises.

1. There was a coach roach in my desk.  My snack stash has been relocated to the fridge.  
2. Speaking of relocation, my companion is relocating to another area of the mission tomorrow along with two other sisters who have served with us here in Sanchez.  It will be hard to say goodbye to Sister Purification, but I am excited to work with Sister Brewer.  We are already good friends and served beside each other in Laoag.  
3. The diet is a struggle, but we are trying our best.  Rice is everywhere.  
4. We bought a huge container of "crocodile oil" conditioner for our hair.  It was 70 pesos ($2.00 USD). Is it really made of crocodile oil? Of course not! Is our hair soft and silky?  Yes!

It was a great experience to see Irenio Jr. baptized a few days ago.  He has made huge sacrifices to adhere to the standards of the gospel.  Only a short time ago, I thought he would be the last person in the world to become a member of the Church. But he committed to live the gospel standards, not drink or smoke, live a virtuous life, and stand as a witness of Jesus Christ.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope and change for all of God's children, regardless of how lost they are.  As a missionary for the Lord's Church, I want to try my hardest to bring all souls unto Christ.  Learn more about my work and the work of 80,000+ young adults like me:

This is the work of the Lord.  There is nothing else quite like it.   If any of you are sitting on the edge, get out there and serve the Lord.  I like a story I heard a few days ago.

I was close to a cliff and the Lord told me to come to the edge.  I told the Lord, "I can't."  But he told me, "Come to the edge."  I told the Lord that I couldn't but he insisted that I did.  I waited, unable to move.  I told the Lord again, "I can't."  Then, the Lord pushed me off of the cliff and I flew.

I am flying right now.  Sometimes I feel like the Lord is walking with me and my companion.  That does not mean that this is easy, but bringing souls unto Christ is the the true work of God.  Alam ko po na ang ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo ay totoo.  And Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Araw ay totoo.  Sometimes I am discouraged because Tagalog is hard and Ilocano (the language most spoken here) is seemingly impossible to understand, but the Lord is helping me each day.  I promise to do my best and to save our brothers and sisters here in the Philippines.  

Love you all!

Learn about the Church in the Philippines and how we have helped others to come unto Christ after the recent tragedy in Tacloban:

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