Monday, December 2, 2013


Okay.  Before I start talking about myself, I would like to shout out to MIKAELA KEMSLEY because she is officially ENGAGED.  

Ok, let's start.  I am oh so cold here in Sanchez...we are going to try to buy sweaters today.  I am not sure they sell sweaters in this country but I have a lot of faith.  It rains all day every day here but I am digging the chilly weather.  Also, people seem to be still really concerned that Yolanda affected the Laoag Mission.  I am fine, though!  We received some emergency preparedness training this week. These are the last days and as the prophets have warned, we must prepare ourselves always.  On a lighter note, this was the email Ben sent me this week:

"Hey what's up with the hurricane? Everyone in Chile and their dog was talking about that. Hope you're not dead!

Elder Johns"

The work here is hard but great.  Len Obispo and her children are loving the gospel and the answers it gives to her.  She even asked again when their baptismal dates will be because she is excited and prepared.  We are now praying that we can get her husband on board and help to strengthen his faith in the Word of Wisdom.  We are also preparing Allan to be baptized this week.  It is easy to see the distractions and obstacles that Satan places in our paths when we are trying our best to follow the straight and narrow.  Allan is having doubts but his faith is strong, but the Lord is ever aware of him.  Missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ.  This work is about individuals and not about numbers.  I am thankful that the Lord trusts me as His instrument.  

In the fun news this week:
1. Thanksgiving.  The Filipinas in the apartment love mashed potatoes.  This also offered Sister Storey and I an opportunity to prove that we have culinary skills.  
2. Sister Incognito's birthday;  she turned twenty-four!  Don't worry, I am an ASTIG party planner.
3. Interviews with President Barrientos. I am thankful for such an awesome mission president.
4. I saw Ariel Sanchez from San Nicholas as well as the Stake President and his wife from Laoag.  It is comforting to know that this is a small world and the people we love are always near.  
5. I chopped my hair off!  Actually, the Sisters in the apartment cut it.  It was a Sunday-night-just-cut-it-all-off-please-now-I-can't-stand-it-anymore moment.  I know that my mother would not approve that I had a bunch of girls my age do the task, but it looks pretty good.  Pictures to come next week.  

Merry Christmas to all of you!  What an amazing opportunity we have to reflect on the birth and life of the Messiah.  I am grateful for my own opportunity to testify of Jesus Christ each day.  

Ingat po kayo lahat.

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