Monday, November 4, 2013

The Plague Strikes.

So this week was good...for a while.  On Wednesday morning I detected a slight fever, but being the masipag missionary, I said, "What the heck, Satan?" and went out to work.....for a couple hours.  And then my head became hotter than the pavement here and I slept for three days straight.  I was so hot but I was violently shivering.  I had no strength;  I could not even unscrew the top of my water bottle.  So even though it was a typhoon, the Eddingtons took me to the hospital to get tested.  No Dengue even though we all thought that was what it was so I just went home and fell back into my coma.  The hospital here is like the scariest place on earth though; the nurse who took my blood said, "Wallang veins! (No veins) And I was like "talaga"and then I about blacked out. Not a positive experience.  

It was weird because I had the plague and it looked like the apocalypse outside.  And let me tell you, I had some crazy dreams.  And we have crazy pigs that live outside our window and they were so loud during the typhoon.  I wish I could have gone all farm animal whisperer on them, but I could not even stand.

I wish I could say that I was better, but I have like a new symptom everyday.  I have this rash right now all over my body and I look super sunburned. BUT IT IS A RASH BECAUSE I HAVE THE PLAGUE.  I wish I could go to the Vanderbilt Walk-in Clinic right now.  I called Sister Barrientos today to tell her that I am seriously sick and that my lymph nodes are huge and now I think she is starting to understand I have a really bad infection.  If I am dead next week,  I want you to all know that I love you.

For real, though, I am sad that I was unable to get any work done this week.  Sister Hansen is transferring tomorrow and we really only worked together for a week.  She taught me a lot in that short time and I am looking forward to working with Sister Porter this transfer.  A new bishop was called in our ward yesterday and a lot of positive changes are taking place.

I love you all, talaga! Also, the best email of the week award goes to Elder Ben johns.  This is what he sent me for all of my hispanohablantes out there in the cypersphere:

"Para que sepa, escuche "That Girl is on Fire" cuando yo estaba trabajando dos dias atras, y pense en ti. Para que sepa.


Elder Johns"

Besiiiiiiiiiitos to all of you too!  Have a good week and spread some of that good ol' gospel around where you are.

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