Monday, November 11, 2013

Akoy Alive!

First, thank you for all the prayers.  The Laoag mission was NOT affected by the typhoon.  I am still praying for, and I hope that you are also praying, for the missionaries of the Tacloban mission who are unaccounted for.  They need our prayers.
Now, I do not really know where to start in explaining my week.  Sister Porter and I have done tons of work(note the picture where our table is covered in papers and forms).  Our area was given to Elders who have been assigned to our ward and we were given an old area of other sisters.  That meant basically starting from scratch, not knowing anyone, and getting lost a lot.  But we have tried our best to get it rolling here.  And just as things got rolling, President Barrientos called to meet with me.  And I am being transferred again, seguro sa mas malayo area in the North.  I am sad that I have to leave my area after only serving in Laoag for three weeks, but I know that President has my best interest in mind.  I am excited to explore another part of the mission and chances are my new area will be in the rice fields, serving some of the poorest people in the Philippines and world.  I will probably have to say goodbye to the comforts of Laoag City.
This is all okay.  I have had amazing experiences on my mission so far and although I will have been transferred unexpectedly two times, I have a strong testimony that I can be powerful and effective wherever the Lord sends me.  When President met with me to inform me of this transfer, he made sure to tell me that my talents and abilities will alway bless those that I serve.  He also told me that even though I have had to move around a lot so far, I have had great successes already and that I will be a leader in this mission.  Although I do not necessarily want to be a leader and although I know I am still an imperfect missionary, I am grateful for the opportunities I have to share my talents across the world in the Philippines.  If I can touch a few hearts in these 18 months, I will be grateful for the opportunity I have had to use the gifts I have been given. 
It only took me a few hours within entering the MTC that I realized that serving a mission was extremely difficult.  And I thought it would get easier.  But what I have learned recently is that it always gets harder and that the harder it gets, the faster you grow.  My mission is not a burden, though.  My mission is an opportunity.  My mission is an opportunity given to me by the Lord to make myself more like Him.  I looked at my scriptures yesterday and noticed that my name is really wearing off of the front cover.  It made me think and hope that I can become a little less like me on my mission and a little more like Thee. 
I love all of you!  Send me your Christmad cards!  Send me an email!  Stay strong and eat rice!

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