Monday, August 26, 2013


You never want Brother Mark Jhay, the Ward Mission Leader, “tao poing” outside of your house in the morning, especially the day of your scheduled baptisms!  But everything works out because the Lord always provides.  There was no water at our chapel, so we held the baptism at the San Lorenzo Chapel.  The ward paid for a jeepney to transport us all (only in the Philippines, people) and the baptisms of RJ, Benedick, Zyra, and Girlie took place on Saturday night.  I feel blessed to have taken part in four very true conversions here in San Nicolas.  These individuals have strong spirits and they are willing to follow the Lord at whatever cost.  They have all made sacrifices and will continue to do so to remain true members of the Lord’s church. 
Sister Abuel and I have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks.  We already had to fight the rain this week.  On Tuesday it was bawal to leave the apartment because two missionaries in another part of the Philippines were electrocuted while walking through a flooded area.  It is raining all the time here, and it is hard when we cannot go to certain areas because of high waters.  We only have a few investigators now with baptismal dates and we are now in need of new investigators.  I have a strong testimony that the Lord is preparing many people to receive the gospel now, but these individuals are not going to find us.  It is our duty as missionaries to find these people, to be in-tune with the Spirit so that we will know where they are. 
I am attaching some pictures this week! Some super members got Sister Abuel and I matching t-shirts so we look super awesome.  I would say that we were are twins, but as I discovered this week, I weigh double what my companion weighs.  But, have no fear, I have not gained any weight here! We actually had interviews with President Barrientos this week and Sister Barrientos brought her scale.  Despite the ridiculous amounts of rice I consume daily, I am still the same size!
I hope that you are all happy and healthy wherever you are.  I cannot say I miss home that much, but I miss talking to all of you.  I am blessed to understand my purpose here as a missionary.  I need to be here right now.  The Lord needs me to be here right now.
Mahal na mahal kita!
P.S.  I am getting super tan here.  I obviously am still the whitest thing around, but I am proud of my current skin tone.

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