Sunday, July 28, 2013

Magandang araw!

This week has been super amazing!  We have found many new investigators and committed many people to become baptized.  The people of Ilocos Norte are being prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.   One of our new investigators is Brother Benedict.  He is 21 and has only had two lessons so far, but he wants to serve a mission!  The Spirit is strong during all of our lessons, but especially during his. 
Also, I have officially survived a typhoon.  It was actually really disappointing.  I said, "I survived the Nashville Flood and that is all you are going to give me?"  It was seriously nothing.  It is rainy season, though, and it rains usually for a short time each day.  If anyone out there wants so send me another pair of Crocs flats, feel free!
Today's cultural tidbit will be concerning the topic of food.  We eat rice here all day every day.  I like rice, but I am American and rice makes White people fat.  Also, they fry so much food here.  Kitchens usually only have one heat source which is small gas cook top.  No ovens, no microwaves, no toasters really.  We eat at the Augustin family's home about every day because we are teaching like a bazillion people there.  Nanay Ningning is about the best chef ever and always cooks yummy veggies and meat for us.  Too bad she feeds until we cannot breath.  We are not allowed to eat the street food here because it is super dirty, but we may or may not have had some given to us from a member this week.  So fried....and so unhealthy. 
This whole picture thing is kinda tricky so if no pictures come this week, my apologies.  I have become an amazing spectacular animal photographer, but you will just have to wait and see for yourselves. 
I hope that you are all happy and healthy.  What a blessing it is to know of the truthfulness of the gospel.
Ingat po kayo!

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