Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's up my pamiyla?

Kumusta po kayo!
I miss everyone so much!  The MTC is great but it is hard to know that so many great friends are just down the street at BYU.  I am trying to block out the sound of the belltower but it isn't working.
Funny things about the MTC-
1. It is cold everywhere.  The strong spirit may fill your heart with warm fuzzies, but my body temperature is close to zero.
2. Learning your language is by immersion and speaking Ingless is supposed to be bawal...I knew that would be the case, but when you barely know any Tagalog, the Taglish gets pretty hilarious.
3. Everyone is confused by the Tagalog missionaries.  Our nametags are in English so a lot of people assume that we are serving in the states.  And Kumusta ("hello" or "how are you?") sounds like "Como estas?,"
so the Spanish missionaries thing we are just really bad at Spanish.  We make sure to set them all straight.  We are going to the best place ever- the Philippines! 
4.  Speaking of Spanish, I have never been able to speak it so well!  I have had so many opportunities to speak with others in Spanish.  I think that the Gift of Tongues is working for me in the wrong language.  I am already mixing up the languages.  I won't talk about the multiple times  I have said "Como se dice...?" ng clase.  I do thing the Tagalog accent shares a lot of similarities to Spanish which may help me out.
My kasama is Sister Foster.  I know that she has gone through a lot and her reasons for serving are amazing.  Because she is so inspiring, I will excuse her constant singing.  Also, she is amazing at Tagalog.  She knows so much more than I do already!  My district is awesome.  The 6 of us sisters are all roommates and our 3, hopefully the 4th is on his way, elders are awesome!
And sorry about the lack of pictures.  Totally forgot that cord at home...
Also, I have seen so many familiar faces here! SICILY BENNETT...Hermana Bennett, lo siento, Gill, Elder Jared GIles, and Michael Shields are all here!  I cannot wait to see more people that I know around, especially those who are entering as missionaries next week!
The MTC is a really interesting place.  All we do is study...arwal arwal.  Brother Langer is a great teacher.  We have already given our first lesson in Tagalog to an investigator who is named Lovely.  The funny thing is that the investigators are different teachers from the MTC.  I knew that just from friends telling me, but you are really not supposed to.  Yesterday our district walked into an orientation and there was Lovely with her MTC ID and all.  She told us to forget that we had ever seen her and ran out.  Not gonna lie that was really funny. 
I want to hear from you all.  A great way to reach me is by using beacuse I receive those letters the same day.  I also will be happy to get real letters here!
I hope that you are all doing well.  I think about you all a lot! 
Ingat po!

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