Sunday, November 16, 2014


So this week got very interesting very fast.  First, the leaders of the mission (that includes me) had a conference and then an activity.  We had the opportunity to visit some of the local tourist spots.  It was great and I felt lucky to see places for the first time I have not seen before.  Then while eating lunch, the mission president approached me and informed me that I would be flying to Manila the next day.  There was another change in visa policy so we need to have our little fingers printed just one more time before my group goes home.  So the next day I boarded a plane once again with 16 other missionaries.

We were very blessed in Manila.  We were able to get our fingerprinting done in a short time and we had remaining time to attend the Manila temple.  It was great to go to the temple after not being able to go for almost 16 months.  
What is all this stuff about temples?

  Sister Wood and I had a very funny experience in Manila.  We were eating at KFC.  There were no seats left but a nice man offered us two seats next to him.  We had a nice conversation, he was very professional and only spoke in English.  Of course we spoke in Tagalog because we cannot really speak English very comfortably any more.  Then he asked us where we were from and I responded, "Tennessee."  Then he said, "Yeah, Al Gore is from there, right?  Too bad he did not win the 2000 election."  So this very nice man turned out to be a Filipino Al Gore fanatic and went on and on and on about him.  I wanted to say, "You know that election was 14 years ago?" but I couldn't get a single word in.  You never know who you will meet in Manila.

Considering that I spent some time in Manila this week, we lost a lot of time to serve the Lord.  The days we did have left to spread the gospel in Laoag were busy as could be.  I know this week will be a busy one too.  I am going to do my best to serve Him as a full-time missionary now because my time to serve Him full-time expires next week. 

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