Sunday, September 28, 2014

1000 funny things.

Everything about this week was hilarious so I would like to start this post by listing some of them.

1. I asked an investigator, "Saan ka nakatira?"  This means, "Where are you from?"  The investigator said, "What?" I repeated myself a couple of times until they said, "Oh, you mean "Saan ka nakatira?"  And I said yes, I have been on my mission for sixteen months.  I know how to ask where you are from.  Well the truth is that I did not and it took me this far into my mission to realize that I had been stressing the "ka" and not the "ra" in "nakatira."  For the last sixteen months I have been asking people where they are getting high, not where they are from.  
2. After we were done proselyting one night, we decided to try a bakery that everyone is always talking about that has buy-1 get-1 bread after 6 pm.  We took a tricy and went inside. We soon realized that we had left our personal money at home and had very little to spend on bread and get home, too.  When we looked at the prices of the bread we realized it was way more expensive than we expected and that it was going to be tight with the little money we had.  In the end, we bought bread, got one free, and walked a very long way home.  I think it took us an hour.  We will try to exercise better financial planning this week.  
3. In our area is a very big bridge connecting downtown Laoag and the rest of Laoag.  We have an investigator assigned to us just over the bridge.  One night while we were in downtown we had no one to teach.  No one was home so we decided to cross the bridge.  It was night and raining and the bridge is a little long and a little dangerous, but because we are poor missionaries, we decided to walk the bridge.  When we got on the bridge, we decided how ridiculous the decision was and tried to cover ourselves with our umbrellas so no one would recognize us.  Well, we are maybe about 5 meters onto the bridge and a tricy pulls over, a woman steps out and says, "I'm a member of your church.  Get in!"  We tried to reason with her and say, "Oh, we are just going over there.  We can walk."  She said, "What are you thinking?  Get in."  So we got a free ride over the bridge.  Thank you Rivera family.  
The work of the Lord is good.  The area Sister Pututau and I have is difficult but we are working to outsmart our area and find those the Lord has prepared.  We are fighting Satan everday, but he works in mysterious ways.  We have to outsmart Satan with the help of the Lord.  A story I recently heard reminds me of the power of Satan:
It was about this city that was perfectly perfect. They were all so good except for this one man; he was out to destroy these people. The two things that could destroy these people were chocolate cake and the color red. Obviously the people weren't going to just go out and eat chocolate cake and wear the color red, so the man devised a plan to get into the hearts of the people. He started by making chocolate chip cookies with just a little bit of chocolate. The people loved the cookies although they were nervous about chocolate. They reasoned however that it was a far cry from chocolate cake. Eventually however, it was extra chocolate chip cookies and then he introduced a move about chocolate to the media. At this point the people were exposed to chocolate at every point. The man soon introduced cake. But not chocolate cake -  every flavor of cake BUT chocolate, but ALL were topped with chocolate frosting. Then one day the people in the town began to eat chocolate cake, not even realizing the consequences soon to come. "Have you seen the new movie?"  the townspeople soon started I say. "No, but I don't want to see another movie with chocolate in it." "Oh this movie has no chocolate, it's all about the color pink." Not before long, the people were destroyed and the city fell. 

We should never let ourselves justify anything close to sin or reason that we are "good enough."  Satan will take those opportunities and destroy us.  The problem is we may be oblivious to the personal destruction we are encountering because of the sneaky ways of Satan.  We must be alert and never fall for anything.

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