Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spider adventures.

Here are some of the funny moments that happened this week.

1.       A recent convert told me I should go on “The Biggest Loser” when I get off of my mission.  He clarified that I am not yet big enough to qualify, but that if I keep on the same track, I should be eligible in a few months.

2.       There was a gigantic spider in the apartment.  It descended from the wall onto the floor.  There was a lot of screaming coming from us sisters, but we gave it a good dose of bug spray and killed it with a flip flop.

3.       We ran out of rice because we forgot to buy it on our preparation day.  The Americans were fine but the Filipinos had some issues.  We thought they could make it one meal without the rice, but before we knew it, they left and came back with a whole bag of the white stuff.
4.    In the last few weeks, I have received many sketches that members and other missionaries have drawn for me.  The artists are convinced they are accurate and beautiful, but I am not sure if they lack talent or I lack beauty.

The weeks are flying.  I am becoming more and more keen at spotting the blessings of the Lord in the lives of those I serve.  This Sunday our members brought friends unexpectedly to church.  Small act of service and devotion like this are what fuels the Work of Salvation.  I am grateful for the 18 months that I have here to serve in the heat, the rain, and the wild dogs.  It is a sacrifice, yes, but the experiences I am gaining out-weigh the price of the sacrifice infinitely. 

Joseph Smith said, “ God will never institute an ordinance or give a commandment to His people that is not calculated in its nature to promote the happiness which he has designed and which will end in the greatest of good and glory to those who become the recipients of His law and ordinances.”  When we serve, we become happier.  That is a fact.  

This is what President Barrientos, my mission president, said this week:

Our Heavenly Father is always there, waiting for the opportunity to give us his encouragement and even extend to us his power.  He may not remove the challenges from us, but He will provide the strength and the opportunity for us to come out victorious.  We know that He is working as hard as He can for our success.  Knowing this will bring us strength and courage.  If we act on that courage we will discover a way has been provided by him for us to overcome the difficulty in finding, in teaching.  As we focus on pleasing the Lord rather than others and continue to work hard, we experience personal growth.  We increase our confidence in Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.  This faith assures us that in the end, we not only achieve our goal but we know the real meaning of joy and happiness.

I am praying for you always.  Ingat kayo lagi!

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