Monday, October 14, 2013

Leah Forgot to Title This

So many things have happened this week, I do not even know where to start!  Let's try.

1.  Last Monday I destroyed my hair.  I got it relaxed, following the advice of some members and fellow missionaries.  I miss my old hair.  Just because you are in the Philippines and stuff is cheap does not mean that you should do it.  At least my curls will grow back eventually.

2.  I had a sipon this week.  That is a cold for those of you who do not live in Tagaloglogloglogland.  I slept for approximately 24 hours and then was ready to go.  It is weird to have a cold when you are in the tropics.  

3. We located madaming less actives sa aming area.  Some of them do not want to talk to us.  Sometimes I say to myself, "It is not everyday you get to talk to a beautiful missionary like me!"  That is okay though because many of them like to talk to us.   Halimbawa, we taught Annalyn who is 41 but was baptized when she was 13.  I know she will not return to Church tomorrow, but in time her heart will again be softened to the truthfulness of this restored gospel.  Each soul has infinite value in the eyes of God.  I pray that I may be able to play a minor role in bringing some of these select souls back to Him.  

4. General Conference, baby!  We once again traveled to the Stake Center in Paoay by the graciousness of the Agustin family and their truck.  Only in the Philippines does the entire ward ride in the back of a truck to hear the Prophet.  The talks were really great and uplifting.  I was really inspired by each message and they all seemed to center on a great hope that we must share.  As we strive to build unity in our families and homes, we will aid the Lord in creating Zion in our communities.  As we create Zion around us, we will invite others to partake of the magnificent blessings that the Lord bestows on His followers.  I am thankful for a modern-day prophet of the Lord.  Naniniwala po ako na mapagamhal po ang Diyos.  Why would God not give us a prophet today?  Just as in times of old, we need the constant direction of the Lord so that we may not wander.  

Missionary work is so hard but I can easily see the ways in which the Lord is employing me as His servant.  I am trying more than ever to wear my name tag with honor.  I am making sure that I leave each area I serve with the mark of an obedient missionary.  I am grateful to have served in San Nicolas so far and I am grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead of me in many places here in the Laoag mission. 

As always, I want to hear from all of you!  Shoot me some snail mail!

Sister Copeland
Philippines Laoag Mission
Brgy. 50 Buttong, Airport Avenue
Junction Tangid Road, Laoag City 2900
Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Mahal na mahal ko kayo.  Alam ko po na you are finding maraming paraan na serve the Lord kung saan po kayo.  Sa pamamagitan ng hard work at pananampalataya sa Kanya, ang lahat ay posible.  Now, get to work. We can do it.  The Lord knows we can.    

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