Thursday, July 4, 2013

T-minus two days! Kumusta sa lahat!

To start out with the weekly shout outs- I FINALLY SAW BEN RAYMOND THIS WEEK!  It was so great to talk to him as the stud missionary he is!  I also say Collie Martin out of the corner of my eye at the broadcast.  I feel as though the entire BYU Contemporary Dance Department arrived to the MTC this week because I have seen tons of dancers that I accompanied in classes the past two semesters.  Also, Kelsey Hibbs was looking beautiful as always working at the MTC this week and I got some waves from Elder Ballard and Elder Anderson as they were leaving the MTC campus on Wednesday.  Also, Elder Ryan Knecht and Sister Alex Ahmu are doing great.  And Peter, I met a Korean teacher here who saw my tag and asked me if I had a brother.  He said that he heard your farewell testimony in Long Beach and was really touched by it.  His name is Brother Jeon and he said you probably would not know him, though.  And all you Nashvillians watch out,  I met some hispanohablantes that are coming your way; they have been reassigned while they wait for their visas for Argentina. 
Also, a major shout out goes to Kellee Cunningham this week.  The package filled with my favorite cereal and oh so delicious applesauce made me very happy and made my companions question what kind of friends I had at home.  I win the award for recieving the most unique and healthy package during our MTC stay.  My favorite part was the amount of crumbs inside the envelope that escaped the bag of cerealand  which are now covering my bed. 
So, let us talk about the amazing worldwide broadcast last Sunday!  It was so amazing to take part in the 2,500 member choir and listen to the words of the Apostles and Prophet.  Revolutionary changes are being made to missionary work which are allowing more and more people to learn of Christ!  It was especially exciting to hear about the introduction of Facebook and blogging to the mission world, especially after seeing the success that Facebook and blogging has had in the Nashville Mission.  Also, I thank you for all the exciting letters that I recieved telling me that I was shown quite a few times during the broadcast!  I know I was looking good...
Missionary work is changing.  More people are being prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and God is sending His children to teach the restored gospel everywhere.  I am more thankful each day for my opportunity to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  As I have began to pack my things, I have had time to reflect on the past six weeks.  I am becoming more converted each day; I am learning to turn outward to others when I would prefer to turn inward to myself.  The gospel is true because God is our loving Heavenly Father.  He has given us instructions to return to Him after this life.  We each have infinite potential.  As we live with charity and follow the example of Jesus Christ, we will be blessed by the Lord. 
Totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon.  Buhay ang Diyos at si Jesucristo.  Sentro sa plano ng Diyos ay ang mahal. 
Mahal at mahal ko kayo sa lahat ng mga tao na magbasa nito,
Sister Copeland
P.S.  I love the notes and support I recieve from all of you but please do not send any more mail or packages to the MTC.  I will send my Philippines address shortly.  Also, I have some pictures this week of my district and teachers.  The picture of the window is just a little interior design project I did to bring a little Fung Shuay (sorry about that spelling) into our classroom. 

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