Sunday, March 31, 2013

Whether it is cultural or genetic, we all seem to hold on to our oldest jeans for as long as possible.  Despite their faded and tattered appearance, they fit so well and they are just so comfortable.  They are irreplaceable; after all, we have been wearing them for years and we will never find a sufficient substitute.  But there comes a day when we must make the choice to throw our jeans out.  It is the time for us to get some better ones, jeans without stains and tears.  It is hard.  We must trust our ability to give up our old jeans, but we can soon come to find that our newly purchased jeans fit just as well as the old ones.  They may even fit better and it is clear that they look fresh. 

Like our old jeans, there comes the time when we must shed our spiritual clothing.  Sewn by our daily choices and actions, our spiritual clothing becomes tattered and worn.  We can become accustomed to the appearance and feel of our clothes.  We will forget or make excuses to not change these clothes, but when we do so, we forget how good new clothes can feel. 

It is unnecessary for us to feel the shame from wearing our faded and torn spiritual clothing.  Many times we find it too difficult to leave it for new clothing, but by doing so we discount the power and purpose of the Atonement.  We say, “There are just too many tears and too many stains.”  We reason: The feelings of guilt and inadequacy are better than facing the reality.

There are never too many stains.  There are never too many holes.  Christ does not repair our spiritual clothing, he replaces it. 

He is not here.  He is risen.  We must seek Him out.  

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