Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The adversary has never been as active in my life as he is right now.  Since I started my papers, even before I started them, he woke up and started following me around.  Last semester I made the decision that I would complete my papers over Christmas vacation in Tennessee.  When I got home to Nashville, I found out that my Stake President was leaving the country in a week.  My records which should have arrived back in Tennessee had not yet left my Provo ward and everything was moving too slowly.  The three and a half days I took to start and submit my papers was intense.  Two doctors’ appointments, a few visits to the dentist, and three interviews made for a hectic 84 hours.   It was stressful then and it has been stressful since getting my call.  I am a student, I have a job, I am leaving for a week-long academic competition in a month, but above it all, I am preparing for the most important eighteen months of my life. 

"Young people need to commit themselves early in life to the idea of a mission. That way, when they get older and begin to face some of the world's temptations, those temptations will be less likely to penetrate their hearts or minds. They will resist the temptations because they are focused on becoming a servant of the Lord." - M. Russell Ballard

I know that it is going to get a lot harder.  I haven’t even begun to serve my mission; I only preparing for the battles I am going to fight.  I know that the Lord is guiding me.  He is setting my path and with patience I will follow him and grow spiritually.  I am a tool in the hands of my Maker.  He is training me so that when he decides to use me, I can perform to the best of my ability.

The Church is true. Jesus Christ lives.  God is great.  

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